Having a beautiful, professional
front-end website


Being able to create and maintain
your website easily

These are the two core needs you should demand, and surprisingly they're the biggest gap in most website services.
Clover was created with the goal of solving these two problems perfectly and beautifully. So what's the difference with Clover?

Answer: The Experience

What sets Clover apart from every other website solution is that it was created to give you the best, cleanest, front-end web presence available, combined with the most intuitive, un-intimidating content management system ever invented. Clover was created so that anyone can manage and maintain a feature-rich website, and enjoy doing it - without feeling stupid.

You have tons of amazing site designs to choose from. The 'Greenhouse' editor was created for real people.
For those of you who love lists, we'll give you one. Here are a bunch of our features:

Beautiful, Powerful Front-End Websites

Clean, Professional Looking Sites We've created websites that are not only easy to navigate, but finally allow you to be proud of the look of your web presence. Each site is crafted by top designers, who bring beauty and motion to each design.

Have the Presence You Want With so many tools and capabilities to choose from, your website can have resources, links, videos, media players, online calendars, and a ton more features that give you a true web presence.

Customize Your Creation Clover gives you the tools you need to make your one-of-a-kind web presence. You have the freedom to have your organization's personality shine through your site.

Content Management System

Created for a 65-year-old Admin Really. Her name is Sandy, and she now rocks a Clover website. We figured if she could create and edit a site with our tools, anyone could.

No Need to Know HTML or CSS The Greenhouse was created so that anyone could manage their website. There's no need to know any piece of programming to make your site look the way you want it to.

Easily Add Pages & Change Layouts You can easily add or remove any pages you'd like and customize them at any time. You can have up to 80 pages on your site.

Pixel-Perfect Photo Editing Our photo editor is a built-in tool, and it allows you to add, scale and rotate your photos so they fit perfectly in the spaces provided. Never worry about photo size, compression, or being a pixel off - we handle it all for you.

Edit From Anywhere The Greenhouse is web-based (as opposed to being an application you download) which allows you to sign in from anywhere to make your changes.

See Your Changes Immediately Most editing tools require you to make changes and then only see what they look like after you publish. The Greenhouse allows you to see your changes immediately - no more crossing your fingers.

Color Customization You are given the control to adjust your entire site's colors in the Greenhouse. It's simple to change the colors, and you'll immediately see your changes across your entire site.

Constant Auto-Saving You never have to think about whether or not you saved the last draft of your changes. We take care of that for you automatically.

Publish On Your Own Terms Make your changes, add your media items, change pictures, and then close your browser. You can make any changes you want, but your visitors won't see them until you hit the Publish button. Publish on your terms.

Text Editing Made Easy Other editing tools make you write your content in one format, and then once you publish, it looks different on your live site. With the Greenhouse, you type directly in your site and see what you're getting at all times.

Total Control Your Dashboard gives you the ability to handle everything from language settings, date formatting, and search engine options to additional design settings and even your site's statistics.

Add Links, Docs, Videos and More You have the freedom to easily add any resources you want to your site. Embed or upload videos, add documents, link to anywhere - you have the control.

Powerful Tools

Media Players Have as many media players on your website as you'd like. We give you the ability to organize and play audio and video in a beautiful and powerful player. It's also customizable to fit your unique needs.

Photo Albums Easily create multiple photo albums on your site, giving your visitors the ability to view as a slideshow, full screen, and even download your photos. All done simply and beautifully.

Online Calendars For those who need to have schedules or events online, our online calendars are the easiest and cleanest way to display what is happening with your organization.

Form Creator Our custom form tool is powerful and remarkably easy to use. You can easily create forms for your visitors to fill out. Everything from a contact page to event registration is quick and easy to set up.

Lists Easily create pages that display a list of items or people. There's a ton of flexibility, so whether you're creating a staff page, a restaurant menu or a listing of your products, it's guaranteed to look good.

Password Protection There are some pages that are not meant for the general public. You can easily password protect any pages you'd like, ensuring that your information is accessible only by those to whom you choose to give access.

Social Media Integration Easily add links to any social networks your organization is a part of. Clover has a special tool that adds links and icons for you.

Slideshows You can turn any photo space into a slideshow. You can customize its duration, transition, and more.

Podcasting We've created the easiest way anywhere on the web to set up a Podcast. If you've ever tried another solution, you'll be amazed at how easy ours is. Get your message out there.

Embedded Videos You can easily embed videos from other sites and place them on a page or in an organized media player. (Or you can upload your own video files and we'll convert automatically for the web!)

Online Donations Clover Donations makes accepting online donations simple and beautiful. Easily create and customize your donation forms and embed or link to them on your website. Learn more at

Mobile Website

View on Any Device Your website comes with a mobile version that's optimized for small screens and cellular download speeds. Whether iPhone, Blackberry, Droid or iPad - we've got you covered.

Easy Browsing Your mobile site is formatted to make reading and navigating simple even on a limited cell phone browser.

Mobile Media and Calendar Our advanced features like Media Players and Calendars are also optimized for mobile browsers. We even serve up audio and video on mobile devices that can play it!

Flash and Mobile In Sync Your mobile site's content is pulled instantly from your full flash website, so you never have to worry about updating two versions of your site.

The Best of Both Worlds Rather than cater to the lowest common denominator in web browsers, we give you a full, animated flash website with rich typography, while still making your content available on all mobile devices.

Search Engine Optimization

All Your Content Is Searchable We create every site with a foundation of HTML, and we make every word and picture on your site visible and optimized for search engines.

Standards Compliant We take standards very seriously, and work hard to ensure that our sites use valid and SEO-optimized HTML and CSS.

SEO Options We give you control of your site's page title options as well as the meta tags for description and keywords.

SEO-Friendly URLs Your page titles turn into search-engine-friendly URLs in order to boost your search rank with relevant keywords.

Fast Servers Google now takes load time into account when ranking sites. We have dozens of high-availability servers, and we work extremely hard to optimize every piece of our system to make sure that your site loads as quickly as possible.


100 GB of Storage This is the amount of space most companies give you when you buy an entire server. It's enough to post thousands of audio and video files and tens of thousands of pictures. It also means you should never have to give it a second thought.

Storage in the Cloud We host all your content on Amazon's S3 cloud. What this means is that we never have to move your files, so you never have to undergo downtime or slow loading due to server maintenance.

Worry-Free Backups We handle all backup processes seamlessly and silently. You never have to worry about losing all your work.

Reliability and Speed

High-Availability Servers We manage dozens of servers with redundant backups and high-availability databases. We've averaged 99.99% uptime during our entire time in business.

Media Temple Our server structure is proudly built on servers provided by Media Temple, which continues to be one of the most highly acclaimed, reliable and innovative hosting companies in existence.

Optimized Databases We've created our own custom system of databases with multiple masters and slaves. We also ensure that our queries are highly optimized. What this means is super-fast site load times.

Automatic Media Conversion All media you add to your site (photos, audio, video) automatically gets compressed and optimized so it will load quickly (sometimes MUCH more quickly) for your visitors and work in all browsers.


At-a-glance Statistics Your website is equipped with easy to understand statistics. This is valuable marketing information, and we ensure that it's not convoluted or hard to interpret. It's also updated in real-time, for live access to immediate trends.

Google Analytics For those with a need for more in-depth statistics, it's easy to integrate Google Analytics into your site. Google provides a wealth of information about nearly every aspect of your visitors and their interactions on your site.

Media Player and Podcasting Stats We also provide statistics on your Media Player and Podcasting views. See what media items are most played, and when your visitors are checking them out.

3rd Party Tools

Easy Integration It's easy to integrate hundreds of different 3rd party tools into your Clover site. We work with great products and services such as Vimeo, YouTube, WordPress, Blogger, PayPal, Simple Give, MailChimp and Wufoo, to name a few. Most of the time it's as easy as adding a link.

Best in Class Tools Our philosophy is to use the right tools for the right reasons. We recommend 3rd party tools in situations where they'll work best for you, rather than giving you a badly done version as a feature, just so we can pretend we offer every possible tool.

We'll Help Recommend Our customer service team knows the web, and loves finding resources and recommending helpful tools. If you're curious about how to do something specific, give us a call!

Instant Delivery

Get Your Website Immediately Once you purchase your Clover website, you are immediately given your website link and can begin designing. No more waiting months for a finished product.

Have Your Site Up in Hours The timing of the launch of your website is entirely up to you. Once you purchase you can wait as long as you'd like, or get it up online immediately. You have the control.

Customer Service

We're Here for You You can reach us Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm (Pacific Time) at 805-527-8900, or email us at We don't even have hold music.

Real People When you call or email us it's our goal that you are taken care of. You'll be talking to a real person on staff with us, not someone reading a script in an outsourced customer service farm.

Support, Not Sales We want to help you. Really - help you, not sell you. We've been known to occasionally refer potential customers to a competitor because we thought we might not be the best fit for them. We truly value providing honest, helpful customer service.