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Preston Pouteaux

Lutheran Church of Our Saviour

"We've had our Clover site up for just a few months, and we've had people from out of the blue contact us and come to our church because of our website. Let me tell you, that has never, and I want to be clear -- never -- happened before. So in a very real way, this Clover website is helping others encounter our community of faith. That's Kingdom work in action."

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Tony Hall

Cornerstone Church

"As a church planter, I don't have a ton of time to invest in keeping a website up to date and making it look great, but we needed a great looking site. I feel like we've gotten that with Clover."

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Ella Barefoot

Bethlehem United Methodist Church

"Working with Clover has really been a fun experience for me. I am not by nature a "techie" person. I realized that by looking at other websites, that they were just too hard to understand... They were just too cumbersome to use. But Clover has been so easy."

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Manuel Olivas

Calvary Chapel Skyline

"Clover Sites has been a phenomenal tool for us to help get the word out - not not only about who Christ is, but to let people know that we're a Christ-centered church. With this platform that Clover offers, the tools are real simple. They really take a lot of the guesswork out of how to build a website."

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Ryan MacDiarmid

Creekside Church

"I'm so stoked to have found Clover. The minute that I opened up Clover and started using the back-end system (The Greenhouse), is when we decided that this is what we need for our church. (The Greenhouse) is so easy to use."

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Martin Houston

Martin Houston Ministries

"On every level, Clover exceeded my expectations. Whether it be the cost of their sites, customer service, or the easiness of their content management. I found none that could compare to them."

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John Isley

Bethlehem United Methodist Church

"Our experience with Clover has just been phenomenal. They're not only good people, but fun people. You can tell that they care about you and the growth and ministry of the church. It's been the perfect fit for our congregation and our growing needs as a church."

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Justin Isenhart

Puget Sound Christian Center

"Our church needed something that was simple, easy to update, really innovative and made us look professional. We needed something that didn't take a lot of work and "know-how", just some good graphic design sense. We've been really impressed with what they've designed. They've created something that any church can use."

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Jonny Rupp

Evident Church

"In the church environment, our time is precious. We don't have a lot of time to spend making and updating a website. We need our updates to be simple, quick, professional, and I need to know I have a customer service team ready in case I need help. Clover makes all of this possible."

Axis at Willow Creek Church is amped for the 2.0 Thanks guys for all your work!!


Jon Peacock

South Barrington, ILĀ